Alive @ Five

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It’s Thursday in the summer here in Great Falls, which means that it’s time for another edition of “Alive @ Five!” This evening’s festivities will be centered around the 300 block of Central Avenue, and the featured band is Kickstar – (check out some of their “teaser” tracks). I went to the Alive @ Five a couple of weeks ago – great fun – and plan to go again tonight. Will I see you down there?

UPDATE: Allyson notes in the comments that Kickstar won’t be able to make it this evening, so local favorite Voodoo Cadillac has graciously agreed to perform tonight. Thanks to the Cadillac crew – and we hope that Kickstar can make it to a future Alive @ Five celebration!



  1. Just so everyone knows that the band for tonight’s Alive @ 5 has changed to Voodoo Cadillac. Kickstar was having some problems so VC said they would step in. They played at the first Alive @ 5 this year and are a great local rock and roll band.

  2. David, it was great to finally make your acquaintance in person at Alive @ Five last night! I’m excited to have met someone who understands how powerful the confluence of traditional social events, our technology-driven social media marketing and sports can be.

    Big shout-out to Chesney as well!

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi;
    My name is Erin and I live at the YWCA. We are having a fund raiser in a few weeks and would like to know how we can find out about having a booth at [email protected] here in Helena.
    Thank you for your time

  4. Just to set the record straight, Kickstar did not have any problems with this performance, in fact we performed that very friday night at the Beacon Icehouse. We were called on the Monday before the performance and cancelled by voice message without reason nor explanation. When we mailed our fans that we wouldn’t be there most boycotted the event resulting in a lousy turnout. Some called the Great Falls Association who were running the event and they were told “Kickstar was unable to perform”! We were perfectly willing and able to perform and are still to this day awaiting an adequate explanation as to why we were treated like that. We’re on all the promotion, tee-shirts and flyers, and on the very day of the performance they knew we’d have a big draw and were STILL promoting us on the radio as performing that evening. Thanks to the hundreds of fans on our Email lists for supporting us. ROCK ON – WE WILL. -Jimi From

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