Alive @ Five

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Today I finally – FINALLY – made it to “Alive @ Five,” the summertime downtown street party held every Thursday evening. My partner in crime was Krista, who braved the heat and the crowds with me. We wandered along Central Avenue, listening to Cold Hard Cash (Johnny Cash tribute band – awesome), laughing at cool stuff in Amazing Toys, debating whether to get some Porkies On A Stick, and other such fun. There also may or may not have been an incident at Subway which may or may not result in a lifetime ban for me (kidding, kidding!). The emcee for Alive @ Five was Scott Hershey, local radio star, and he hosted a “Willie Nelson Impersonator” contest, with the winner getting some tickets to Willie’s free concert next week in Choteau.

This week’s sponsors were Dragonfly Dry Goods (hi Alison!) and Diamonds By Design (hi Allyson!) – very cool stores.

Great fun – if you haven’t been to an “Alive @ Five” yet, mark your calendar for next week! Here’s some pix – as always, click on them to see the full-size versions.

Alive At Five


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  1. This sounds like a fun time in Great Falls. What kind of attendance do you get at these weekly events? I cannot imagine Alive at 5 is a year round event so…is it just a summertime event?

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