Skating —> Party!

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My newly-rediscovered passion for roller-skating led me to notice a sign on the wall at Hauer’s Family Skating when I went for some rolling on Saturday night. The sign advertised the website for the rink, along with some pages of additional information: hours and prices, party details, map to the rink, some YouTube videos of the rink being renovated, and even a blog (that is in dire need of updating!).

Which reminds me: remember I talked about a 70s-80s roller-skating party? Well, looks like Hershey & Bejay – local radio celebrities – might be on hand to emcee/deejay the event, and Firefly has offered to assist me in planning it. And I have a name for it: “Old Skool Roller Jam!” Hey, at least it’s a better name than “Roller Boogie!” Maybe late July or early August – give folks time to plan for it and tell their friends. What I need from you is an indication of your interest: would you like to attend a 70s-80s roller-skating party? Answer the poll below, or leave me a comment (or e-mail david AT if you would like to attend, or if you have any ideas for music, decorations, promotions, invitations, whatever. This could be fun!



  1. Hey, this sounds great! Let me know what I can do to help you promote it, okay?

    BTW, we’re putting together a 4th of July party at Machinery Row–what would it take to have your dedicated readers kept abreast of those developments, now, okay?

    Thanks again!

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