Google 411

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Google began offering a free 411 service a few months ago, and I’ve used it several times – and it is cool. It’s completely voice-activated – no human interaction – and is very similar to using Google to find the phone number (or address) of a local business on your computer. The only difference is that you speak into your phone, instead of typing on your computer. It’s simple to use: just dial 800-466-4411 (which spells 800-GOOG 411), and follow the voice prompts.
Here’s an example: let’s say that I’m driving on the East side of town and want to pick up some Tony Roma’s to take home for dinner, but I don’t know the phone number. Solution: call Google! You’re prompted to say the city and state (Great Falls Montana), and then it asks you “what business name or category.” In this example, I just said “Tony Roma’s” as clearly as possible. After a 1/2-second search, Google responded, “Tony Roma’s – Marketplace Drive.” It then told me the phone number, and then asked if I wanted Google to dial the number for me (at no cost, duh). It also offered to send the information to my cell phone as a text message – which I then saved into my Contacts, and which means that I won’t have to call Google the next time I want to call Tony Roma’s.
I’ve used the service to call CMR while en-route to pick up my child, to get the number for Stageline Pizza, and for calling a local hair salon to get my daughter a last-minute appointment. Pretty nifty service!



  1. There is also 800-FREE-411 (do NOT dial 800-411-FREE, as this latter number will access an “adult” site).

    For many other needs, try 800-555-TELL.

    800-555-TELL will give you free access to time, local weather, news update, stock market updates, sports scores, traffic updates (in place where they have traffic), etc., etc.

  2. You can also text google to get the same information.

    Just send a text to GOOGL (46645) that says Tony Roma’s 59405 and it will send you the phone and address by text. I have this set up as a speed dial on my phone because I use it ALL the time.

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