Under Construction

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Do any of you want to donate some time towards helping build some houses as part of a community Neighborworks project? Any amount of time – an hour or a day – whether you have construction skills or not – anyone can contribute something, even if it’s just holding tools and passing hammers.
Seriously – I know nothing about power tools, home-building, or any other aspect of this stuff, but I’ve spent several hours out there and even my tiny contributions have made a difference.
Bonus: I’ve also begun to learn some basics about nail guns, siding, and other fix-it stuff, and my aversion to power tools is quickly fading!
The houses in question are already about 80% complete, in my estimation; the homeowners are pretty much working on details now, such as siding. If you – or someone you know – can pitch in at any level for any amount of time, drop a comment or e-mail me (david AT greaterfalls.com).


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