Skating At Hauer’s

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I went to Hauer’s roller rink in Westgate Mall last weekend and it was an absolute blast; I wound up buying a great pair of skates from the manager, George, and went skating yesterday (twice – afternoon and night sessions!). What great fun! I’m a bit rusty, but it’s really cool how my legs seem to remember what to do. The only downside was the music; I’m not a fan of “K-99” music, so it was an aural nightmare. The only solution, I think, will be to organize a roller-skating party sometime this summer with a 70s/80s theme. How many of you would be interested?

And now it’s time for another edition of Tiny Video, this time featuring me on roller skates:



  1. My boys have lost interest in skating…I miss it- Friday nights without kids!
    LOL- I’d love to get my skates out & try out the new digs!

    Mtlibertyproject- The original Hauers was on 13th st & 17th Ave s (ish) then Allen opened Wheels West in the ’80s by 2Js. They recently sold that building & opened up in the westgate mall!

  2. I have never before in my life seen such mad moves on wheels, if only you were so graceful without them.

  3. If you get the rink to go for it, Hershey and Bejay would love to emcee it and promote it on the station. I’m a huge fan of cheesy 70’s and 80’s music and I have enough of it to DJ the event.

  4. Scott, that would be great! Let me see if I can pull a few details together and rustle up enough interest, and I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

  5. Last weekend I had my sons 9th Birthday Party at Hauers and I was completely DISGUSTED with the customer service! The party was to be from 1-3. First of all we all stood outside till 1:05 before they would open the doors. We got in there and the man at the desk was completely rude! I bought a cake at Sam’s club and the manager George told me that they would take $6.00 off the bill for buying my own cake when I booked the party. So we go to our table and there is a slip of paper stating that they would be cleaning the table at 2:45. Ok, no big deal…except for the fact that the girls working there were taking our stuff off the table at 2:25! We had 35 more minutes of that table we had booked. Also when I was in the middle of lighting my sons birthday candles the girl working there was standing in the middle of out party yelling ” who wants ice cream? I don’t know who wants it!” So as I turned around to ask her to wait one minute my son blew out candles and we had to relight them and try again to sing Happy Birthday.
    So with the party I got ten skaters and two pitchers of pop. I ordered three pitchers and said I would pay the extra $4.50 for the other pitcher. I went up to pay for the party afterwards and instead of a $44.00 bill they were charging me $72.00! They stated that they counted 13 heads which was right only that not all those heads were skating! The paper states on it $4.50 per additional skater! When I told the man at the desk that not all kids skated he said ” well they ate cake!” Ya they did…..THE CAKE THAT I BOUGHT!!!!! Then they tried to not take the $6.00 off for my cake and were charging me for an extra pitcher of pop that we never got! So my bill went down by a whoping $10.00! I was so unimpressed with this place. I will let every person I know who has kids that this place is a VERY BAD idea to have a party!!!! I have never seen such horrible customer service!

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