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  1. We are organizing a Community Garage Sale Day here in Vaughn on Saturday July 14th, 2007. If you live in Vaughn have your garage sale on July 14th.
    If you don’t live in Vaughn, mark your calenders & come out to the valley that day! The stores & bars will all have specials going including several big BBQ’s! Should be great fun!
    Want to have a Garage Sale this summer?
    Have it on the same day with everyone else in the Vaughn area:
    Vaughn Garage Sale Day
    Saturday July 14th, 2007

    If you have questions call ReAnn Rothwell: 965-3441, 107 4th St., Vaughn, MT 59487 Send or drop off $10, for each garage sale address, to ReAnn by July 1st to be included in the big, joint, “Mega Garage Sale” ads in the Tribune & the Consumer Press – be sure to include your address & contact info. Thanks for participating!

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