Go Gorilla!

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Heard on the KFBB newscast that the mascot of the Phoenix Suns basketball team – the dancing, high-flying gorilla – is actually a Great Falls native named Bob Woolf. Plenty of information out there about his career as a pro sports mascot…

Here’s an interesting discussion of the gorilla character – people talking about the history of the gorilla, revealing that his (gorilla) name is actually “Go,” implications of racism, and other trivia tidbits. Take a look at the training regimen that Woolf maintains to keep his Gorilla in tip-top shape, and read about Woolf’s life. According to AskMen.com, the Suns gorilla is the 4th-best mascot in pro sports, although he didn’t appear on USA Today’s Top Ten list. He did, however, make it onto AmIAnnoying.com, a level of web fame that few mortals attain. He is also one of the inaugural inductees into the Mascot Hall of Fame. And check out this video clip of him working at the airport with his fellow Suns!

So – any readers remember Bob Woolf from his days here in Great Falls, at CMR or otherwise?


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