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Yep, I have a MySpace page; gotta keep up with the kids, ya know. I’m learning some of the “rules of engagement” and how MySpacers interact with each other, and the use of off-site “comments” and graphics is interesting…but I got tired of the annoying pop-up ads on every MySpace comment site, and the endless glitter and sparkly stuff, so I thought I’d try my hand at designing some MySpace comments that are (a) not flashy or sparkly, and (b) a bit more relevant to Great Falls. I’ll add some new ones periodically; if have any requests for a graphic, just let me know and I’ll try to whip one up. Here’s a sample:

Wish A Friend A Great Day (in Great Falls!)

Myspace Comment: Great Day in Great Falls!


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  1. hi i would like premission

    to use this banner if u have any problem with that

    than leave me a message


    get back to me and i will remove the banner



    a.k.a knightvamp1600

    blessed be

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