Alleged Killer on MySpace

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The Tribune has a brief article about Brian Walsh, the Great Falls man who has been charged with the first-degree murder of T.J. Waldock last weekend. The piece references Walsh’s MySpace page, highlighting a picture of Walsh aiming two guns at a camera; the Trib tries to play up the similarity to the photos of the Virginia Tech mass-murderer. What I found odd is that the Trib didn’t post the picture in question; in fact, not even a link to the MySpace page. Here’s what I found at Walsh’s page (which may be pulled or blocked at any time, I suspect): the web address, complete with crude user name, is located at
And here is the picture in question:
Alleged Killer Brian Walsh on MySpace

And if there were any people who weren’t offended by Walsh’s user name, don’t worry: here is the first picture on his Photos page:
Alleged Killer Brian Walsh on MySpace

I am not posting this to add OR detract from what happened last weekend…just figured that if the Trib is going to talk about a particular website that provides a glimpe of what kind of person an alleged killer is, then maybe people ought to actually see the website and pictures for themselves.



  1. I am glad the tribune did not show the image. It is hard enough to have my 6 year old son seeing some of the less violiant photo’s with out him being worried. this I know would bother him.

  2. But the Trib only mentions his negative photos. there is no mention of his family photos or that he talked about them at all. There are only the two you have posted here that I felt were “Virginia Tech style.”
    Why focus on the negative about this man? Yes, he did a terrible thing but why make it worse by showing him as an overtly evil guy BEFORE he has gone to trial. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Did the Trib mention he was military too? (Army i believe)

    I do not think he is innocent nor do I condone his actions I just hate to see him tried in the media first.

    I agree that they did not need to publish the photos in the paper. I also agree his written English is atrocious.

  3. Why focus on the negative? Because he committed – allegedly, although the facts do not seem to be in dispute – what is considered the ultimate crime: he murdered someone.

    Yes, he has many positive characteristics – family, military, etc – but if he did indeed murder a fellow man, then all of that becomes largely irrelevant. Murder is the cardinal sin, and on the “scales” of justice, there is virtually nothing that can make up for for it.

  4. Brian was a friend of our family, he has come over and played w/ my oldest son, my husband and I attended his wedding and my husband was so confortable w/ Brian that simply 1 wk before, brian was in my mother in laws home watching movies w/ TJ. What he has done … no one in my family will be able to forgive. He has take a father away from my two children. Now several months later both of them are still have nightmares of the bad man that took their father away. Yes, Brian was a good man….WAS!!!!

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