Chip Your Pet 2

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Received the following message from Kathy at the Humane Society about the upcoming “Chip Clinic” for dogs and cats; if you love your pet(s), this sounds like a very good idea, especially for such a low price. If you have any questions, call 454-2276.

The Humane Society of Cascade County will offer a microchip clinic for pets this Saturday, June 2, 2007, from 1-4pm at the Westgate Mall. Drs. Micki Lague and Rick Helms will inject the mostly-painless id chips under an animal’s skin for $25 which includes a lifetime registration. Proceeds benefit the Humane Society operations. There is a limit of 500 pets for the first clinic.

Microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are injected in the scruff of the neck. The owners information will be registered with the microchip company, and should your pet become lost, virtually any vet or shelter with a scanner can retrieve your information. It is a much more reliable way to find your lost pet than relying on collars and tags, which are easily lost.

Another chip clinic will be sponsored at Bark at the Park on June 30 by the Electric City Kennel Club, with proceeds also going to the HSCC.

I’ll vouch for the “Bark In The Park” — I stopped by last year, and it was great fun. Also: Humane Society of Cascade County site, and a list of upcoming events.


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