Montana Podcast Update

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The latest edition of the “Small Town, Long Streets” podcast – hosted by Craig from – is now is now complete. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here (wma), or by clicking here (mp3) — you can either listen to it stream, or download for listening later on your player of choice.
Craig hosted an hour-long discussion with me and Rob (aka Wulfgar!), and we were joined by callers GiftShoppeGuy (one of Great Falls’ own!), Moorcat, and Shane Mason. The topics ranged from the history of the Montana blogosphere, the influence of milblogs, the community aspects of blogging (esp as it relates to Montana), the role of MySpace and LiveJournal in the blogosphere, the unique nature of Montana blogging, and even some references to prehistoric times (BBS, Fidonet, etc). It was a good hour of interesting conversation, although I’m probably biased 🙂 There was also general agreement that the Great Falls blog community is pretty healthy – GiftShoppeGuy had some good insights – and attributed it in part to the influence of Malmstrom Air Force Base and the steady influx of new people from around the country.

Craig, Rob, and callers – thank you much – it was fun!


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