Montana Podcast

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UPDATE: as noted by Walter in the comments, the podcast/interview is on WEDNESDAY, May 23, at 9:00 pm (mt time). And the other guest is indeed Rob Kailey, who writes under the nom de blog of “Wulfgar!” (look at his blog URL). And yes, the exclamation point is required for Wulfgar!.

One of the most popular bloggers (in or out of Montana), Craig of MT Politics, has been experimenting with podcasting lately…he’s had a good run, interviewing interesting people, but now he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel: me. Yep – tonight (Tuesday) tomorrow (Wed) at 9:00 pm (Mountain Time), Craig will be talking with me. You can listen in by going here. But there is good news: there will be another guest – the shy, soft-spoken, retiring gentleman from Bozo known as Wulfgar. The three of us will talk about topics various and sundry, notably the Big Sky Blogosphere, and I’m pretty sure that it’s a call-in show, so if you want to experience the thrill of saying “Long time listener, first time caller!” then ring us up!



  1. Huh? Tonight you say?

    According to Craig’s mtpolitics blog, it’s tonmorrow night, not tonigh:

    Next Show — 5/23/07, Guests: Rob Kailey of A Chicken Is Not Pillage, and David Sherman of Rave/Rant/Whimsy Better Living Thru Blogging.

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