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No, not my archives – I’m talking about the dead-tree variety!

Scott Hershey (from 94.5 FM) stumbled across some old newspapers – anyone remember the “Great Falls Leader?” He has issues marking the death of JFK and several others…here’s what Scott wrote to me:

I recently bought some vintage Great Falls newspapers at a garage sale and wondered if any collectors are interested in them. Here’s what I have: The Great Falls Leader from 11/22/1963, the day after ennedy was killed with headline:”Final Edition-KENNEDY DIES IN DALLAS, TEX.; The Great Falls Tribune from the same date with headline: “KENNEDY ASSASSINTAED;JOHNSON TAKES OFFICE” ; the Great Falls Tribune from 11/26/1963 with headline “HE RESTS IN ETERNAL PEACE” ; The Great Falls Tribune from 7/15/1963 with the lead story being an elderly couple (Godfrey Johnson and Elma Johnson) being attacked with the man being murdered; The Great Falls Truibune from 7/24/1963 with the lead story being the capture of a teenager (Dennis White) in assosciation with those murders; The Great Falls Leader dated 7/24/1963 with the same lead story; The Great Falls Tribune dated 8/21/1959 with lead story on the Yellowstone Quake and headline “QUAKE DISASTER AREA FEELS MORE SHOCKS WHILE SEARCH FOR SLIDE VICTIMS CONTINUES”; The Montana Parade dated 8/23/1959 with the lead story about the quake; I also have a special edition of the Great Falls Tribune from 11/11/1959 that is 8 sections mostly covering the history of Great Falls in all aspects. This has a big logo with “Diamond Jubillee” commemorating the 175th anniversary for the city. all of these are in good shape, slightly yellowed, but definitely readable with some minor tears on some pages. If anyone is interested, call me at 761-7600.

So if you dig 20th-century history – particularly as it applies to Great Falls – give Scott a call!


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