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When my father came to visit last week, I took him to Dragonfly Dry Goods – one of my favorite stores – and also had the chance to visit the new neighbor of Dragonfly: Diamonds By Design. You may have seen the commercial that Alison (Dragonfly) and Allyson (Diamonds) made where they joke about their new living arrangement…I like it! So I took Dad there to pick up a few gifts for other family members, and I had the good fortune to meet Allyson, the owner of Diamonds By Design. Whenever I talk to family members about Great Falls, I always take great pride in telling them how wonderful the people are in our community, and how great the customer service is no matter where you go. I’m happy to report that Allyson (and the ladies at Dragonfly, too!) lived up to all of my hype, which didn’t surprise me – but was indeed gratifying. Thanks Allyson!

Here’s the business card:

Diamonds By Design


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