Canadian Snowbird Crash

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BREAKING NEWS, 4:33pm: damn – looks like one of the Canadian Snowbird planes has crashed during practice…please, please let the pilot be safe. The team was practicing for their performance at tomorrow’s air show at Malmstrom…

Just noticed that the three lead stories on the KRTV website are all about airplane problems: the skydiving plane crash, the Benefis Mercy flight crash from a few months ago, and a plane with mechanical problems that landed at GTF today…here’s a screenshot.

UPDATE, 4:51: according to the Wikipedia page, the Snowbirds have had thirteen accidents in the 35+ year history, but only five deaths.

UPDATE, 5:29: tragedy – the pilot did not survive. My condolences to the Snowbirds team and the families…

UPDATE, 10:28: The pilot has been identified as Captain Shawn McCaughey – he was only 31 years old (bio here). The Moose Jaw Times Herald, the newspaper of the Snowbirds’ home base in Canada, has an entry about it. Also: here’s a transcript of a news conference held earlier this evening by Colonel Finan, the Malmstrom base commander, and Major Robert Mitchell, the commander of the Snowbirds.


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