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Time to put my money where my mouth is! Er…rather, where my flesh is. I’ve decided – after much deliberation and discussion – that I would like to have a tattoo. I’ve toyed with the idea for about three years, and finally have found a design that I really want. I was considering an outline of the state of Montana, or perhaps the words “Great Falls,” but…I found something that represents both Montana and Great Falls, has a striking design, and also marks the year. So sometime in the next several days, I’m going to visit Nick at Grafx Tattoos – a tattoo artist that I trust via his work on friends of mine – to see what he thinks. OK, enough talk – here is the design that I’ve chosen:

mt qtr logo.jpg

So…what do you think? Someone at work thought there might by copyright issues, but the Montana quarter isn’t “owned” by a private company or person, so I think it will be OK (right?).

Now the next challenge: where to place this tattoo?

UPDATE: Hmm…didn’t realize that this would generate so much feedback! I’m still pretty sure that I want to get a tattoo — for several reasons that I may share later — but I’m no longer convinced that the Montana quarter is the best design choice…so I’m still open to suggestions. Ideas…?

UPDATE: Still weighing the pros and cons. Leaning towards “con” at this point.



  1. You know…if you want to be truely want a “Great Falls” tattoo, you should get a tattoo of a sea gull stealing a crumb from a goose…or a sea gull pooping on a car (after stealing the bread crumb)!

  2. For those who follow the Biblical Commandment (Lev. 19:28) that prohibits tattoos, itโ€™s not a hard choice to make.

  3. Why? Then remember it will be with you forever or until you have the laser removal. Good luck, make sure they use a clean needle.

  4. Wow – public opinion is running pretty strong against this! Don’t worry — I haven’t done it yet — still time to change my mind! And Walter — surely you know that I don’t follow any Biblical commandments, right?

  5. Hey, whatever floats your boat man. I don’t have one, and have never seriously considered one, but the design you picked is certainly more classy than many I’ve seen. I think it’s a cool idea, if that’s what you want to do. As for me, I had a friend give me an idea that I may someday pursue: take a sample of my two young ones writing their names and use that for the design. Chances are slim that I’ll ever do it, but I like the idea.

  6. You’re right, David. There is a lot of folks here with different opinions and I have my own. I like the idea of using the back of the quarter. It looks pretty cool and if that’s what you want, then go for it. The heck with the haters out there! I’m gonna stop right there before I say something that’ll get me in trouble…

  7. hmmmmm….. Ya know Dave I don’t know you personally, but I would not reccomend a tat like that. Where are you going to put it?

  8. So…..
    About that…..
    Tattoos rock, having 3 currently and a 4th in the NEAR future, they are a great from of self expression. 2 things to remember though:
    1) You are doing it for YOU!! Who cares what others think, if you like it, DO IT
    2) While you are expessing yourself, make sure the artist you choose knows what YOU want

  9. Why does Mark say “Don’t tell Dad?” Dad knows I have one and he didn’t disown me — of course it’s not a tattoo of a coin! Seriously, tattoo good, current design, not so good. Keep looking — and as far as placement — avoid bony areas.

  10. Hey, I’d be interested to know if you got this yet? I was thinking of getting the exact same tattoo, not in the shape of a coin, just like a skull with ‘Montana’ and the date. I always wondered if it’d be so small it wouldn’t work properly though…

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