Drive, He Said

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So after 14 months of healthy and faithful service, my beloved “Black Beauty” (99 Ford Explorer) has finally come down with a cold. She’s been diagnosed with some bum ball joints and bearings, so the folks at Bison Ford have her in the ICU for a day or two. I scheduled the appointment via the Bison site – nice feature. Oh, and this is the point at which I say “WHEW!” for having purchased the extended warranty; all I have to pay is a $200 deductible, and friends who know more about cars than me (in other words, everybody) assure me that the cost of curing her is way more than $200…so paying the deductible is OK by me. The gang at Bison have always treated me well and delivered good service; even with my absolute-zero knowledge of vehicles, I’ve never gotten the feeling from Dave and the Bison crew that I am being gouged (another “whew!”) – I trust them.

And in other good news, when I called the warranty company and asked if my coverage provided for a rental car, they said yes – up to $60 per day. So I jumped over to and selected a mid-size vehicle, filled out some info, and then got a ride over there after work, and wouldja believe that Mike at Enterprise had me on the road within five minutes? Good stuff. But…driving a Pontiac G6 is quite unnerving, after having spent the last 14 months riding high in my Explorer. The Pontiac is so LOW to the ground, and the visibility seems so limited. But hey – as long as I’m mobile, right?

Two lessons: I really like being able to schedule appointments and reserve rental cars online. And the service at Bison Ford and Enterprise is commendable.

And here is the rental car. It’s a Pontiac G6, which I had never heard of until today.

Rental Pontiac G6

Way too “sporty” for my taste…but my kids (22 and 15) are drooling over it 🙂


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