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If you’re visiting this website because you stumbled across a copy of the new “Electric City Weblog – Offline” mini-zine, congratulations and welcome!

My name is Dave, and I’m your host here at GreaterFalls.com. Here’s the quick tour: learn why this site exists; scroll through the monthly archives (nearly two years’ worth!), or browse by topic (media, dining, weather, etc); and how to contact me. And over on the left side of the page – the left sidebar – you can see the roster of all the Great Falls bloggers under the heading “GF Bloggers.” Good people, all – you would do well to visit them!

Another great feature of GreaterFalls.com is the handy sidebar to your right, chock full of good stuff: a button with the current weather report, a list of the most recent comments, links to local radio and TV stations, links to city and county government sites, and a link to my Great Falls photos.

One of the best things about blogging is that you are able to leave your thoughts and opinions on any of the entries – tell me and everyone else what you think of any particular topic (example, example).

The bottom line: take a look around – leave a comment or two – hope you enjoy your visit – thank you for stopping by – and check back often!


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