New Great Falls Blogs!

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Wow – there are three, count ’em, three new blogs in Great Falls!

First up is one for fans of motorcycles and riding: Star Touring And Riding is a site and blog with a mission. Uh…didja catch that “in general” reference on the Mission page?

Next new blog is the Zach Martin Report; some of you might know Zach from his morning show on 93.7 – KTZZ FM (which I find myself listening to more often lately as Q106 has opted to begin playing some more “modern” crap music crap). (learned that he is NOT a local blogger)

The third new blog is run by a copy editor for the Great Fall Tribune who is also a father to four children, which explains the title of his blog: Editor. Daddy.

Cool. Our humble Great Falls blogosphere is growing, both in numbers and in scope!

ALSO: if you would like to add the roster of Great Falls bloggers to your blog, just copy this code snippet and paste it into your sidebar.



  1. Dave
    Thanks for adding us to your Blog Roll. We are new to this but hopefully this will help us get the word out for other riders that want to join us.

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