Electric City Weblog – Offline

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GeeGuy is full of surprises this week, isn’t he? First, he officially came out of the closet (of blog anonymity) and revealed his true identity, and now comes even bigger news: the first hard-copy edition of “Electric City Weblog” is being released today! I’m excited to be part of this, and hope that all of you have the opportunity to take a look at the first issue of “Electric City Weblog – Offline.” It’s a companion piece to several of the Great Falls blogs, aimed at increasing public awareness of local blogs and perhaps even spurring some folks to begin their own blog. If you have any comments, tips, suggestions, or questions, or want to advertise your business in future editions, please let me know (either here in the comments or at david AT greaterfalls.com), or drop a line to GeeGuy (fallsblog AT yahoo.com).


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