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I’ll admit to being an occasional fan of National Public Radio; I’ve listened to “All Things Considered” for many years, sometimes catch an occasional classical piece (Rachmaninov!), and even, lately, find myself tuning in for snippets of “Prairie Home Companion.” But what really tickles me about public radio is that some of the local shows play music that you rarely – if ever – hear on other stations, such as some deeper 80s tracks and jazz tunes. Case in point: in December 2005, as I was driving around town, the Great Falls NPR affiliate, KGPR from MSU-GF, played “‘Zat You, Santa Claus?” by Louis Armstrong during one of the locally-produced shows. I had never heard it before, loved it, called the station to confirm the title and artist, and quickly purchased it from iTunes as soon as I got home. So politics aside – should public radio exist at all? why is it liberal-biased? should it get federal dollars? and so on – KGPR is one of my regular stations.
More about KGPR: here’s a Google-powered calendar of KGPR programming; and info about KGPR board meetings, which are open to the public.


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