Dragonfly Ads

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I’m sure that some of you have seen Alison Fried, the owner of Dragonfly Dry Goods, in TV commercials, or heard her radio ads. The TV ads feature Alison talking directly to the camera as she strolls through the store, highlighting certain items. The radio spots are “phoned in” – just Alison, talking directly to the listener. I think she even advertised for a couple of job openings that way, too.
I happen to like this type of advertising: she loves her store, believes in her products, and presents herself and her business in a very upbeat manner. But one of the local DJs told me that the radio ads aren’t particularly well-received, and I’m not sure why that is. So: if you’ve seen any of the TV commercials or heard any of the radio spots, what did you think? Did you feel more or less inclined to visit Dragonfly? How did the ad affect your perception of the store and of Alison?



  1. I used to deal with Alison back in my “sales days” and I think she is a tremendous businesswoman. I love her store but I don’t shop there very often. I recommend it to my friends & relatives who visit GF.

  2. Several reasons – first of all, she does *not* have a radio voice. Her voice is extremely nasal. Her spots sound dry and unrehearsed. Plus, there is a negative perception of her store shared by many who have shopped there and been treated like sub-standard by the sales staff. They are arrogant and snobbish.

  3. I haven’t heard the spots nor do I know the woman of whom you speak, BUT when business owners act as their own “talent,” their ego is usually preventing them from listening to the spot objectively.

  4. It’s always good to meet the owner of the store you might be interested in… but not on television. (radio might be a little easier to tune out)

    I agree, about the “ego” part of it all…. ego does quite a bit to detract from the message they are attempting to convey in many cases. There are reasons why I won’t watch the Pierce, ACR, and Dragonfly commercials. (thank God for the remote) I usually won’t shop those who would prefer to do their own either, whether it be radio or television.

  5. Nasal voice sums it up along with that deer in the headlights look makes me think she is stoned. The store is OK and would benefit from a professional working the media and website development.

  6. If I might add just one more thought…

    I do indeed like the Dustys Sprinkler commercials….immensely.

    You know the lady I’m talking about…. she doesn’t say a word, she just waters the grass while the voiceover does the work…. She does the Gore Hill Storage commercials too..

  7. Kudos to giftshoppe guy for excellent taste! The “Dusty’s” lady is my dear friend, Clary Cory, who is as much fun in person as she is on TV. Clary is a Great Falls treasure and much loved by everyone who knows her:)

  8. I should note that while I’m not the biggest fan of the ads either. In both my experiences, the staff at Dragonfly has been courteous and helpful. One clerk spent 20 minutes with me last Christmas helping this inept guy find the perfect scarf for his aunt….

  9. “I happen to like this type of advertising: she loves her store, believes in her products, and presents herself and her business in a very upbeat manner.” DITTO! How can you not appreciate some one who puts not only their hard work & financial resources at risk by running a retail retail business, but also themselves personally out there in front of the camera or on the radio? I belive it takes great strength of character.
    I wonder if the City Chev ads are better received with all of the different customers talking about their experiences instead of a City Chev person talking?

  10. Absolutely – testimonials are always better received than any other type of advertising. People want to know that somebody else has shopped there and had a great experience.

  11. I love Dragonfly Drygoods, but the radio commercials just grate on my last nerve. In addition to her nasal tone, when she is gathering her thoughts you get this long AAANNNNNDDDD at various spots in her ads. Sorry…love your products…hate your radio ads.

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