Lockdown at CMR

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Remember last week that Great Falls High received a bomb threat and was also placed in lockdown? Well, it didn’t take long for CMR to follow suit: I’ve received reports that CMR has been placed in lockdown TWICE today. I don’t fault the administrators for responding to any threats – their job is to protect our children, and any threat must be taken seriously. But we all know that 99% of all such threats are either hoaxes, attention-grabs, or even misunderstandings. It’s that one time that something truly scary happens that makes each and every threat a potential tragedy, so of course the schools have to respond as if each one is serious. As noted last week, though, how many times will this happen? At what point do we require that more extreme measures be put in place to try to minimize the number of lockdowns and false alarms?
UPDATE, Tuesday morning: here is the Trib piece about the incidents.


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