Threats at Great Falls High

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Damn: a bomb threat followed by a threatening note at Great Falls High today. Yes, the bomb threat and the threatening note were just pranks – ill-conceived, stupid, and criminal – but thank goodness they were just that: pranks. Sure didn’t take long for wannabe-copycat jerks to run with the Virginia Tech tragedy and try to “localize” the panic, did it? Heard on KRTV that the bomb threat was phoned in overnight as a message on the voicemail system, and that the caller gave his name (Lester Beason) and number and then called back a few minutes later and admitted that it was a joke. Ha ha, real funny, you jerk. Hope you enjoy your quality time with the police officers that surely came to visit you today.

But it’s scary, too: the entire school was locked-down as the police and administrators searched for real threats and the person/people responsible. Now just imagine that this happens again next week. Or tomorrow. And happens again. And again. The school system would crumble under the weight of such idiocy; what would be the best response? How many times would something like this have to happen before metal detectors, video cameras, and security teams were deemed necessary? Are there any good answers to bad situations like this?

UPDATE: Great Falls wasn’t the only town affected by similar hoaxes.


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