Tax Time

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OK, the big day has arrived: how many of you did NOT get your taxes filed in time? Next question: did you get some cash back, or did you have to whip out your checkbook? Further: if you did get a refund, what did you do with it? Splurge, invest, save for a vacation, buy a new _______?
UPDATE: just learned that the Post Office will be open late this evening – no surprise there – but will also have live music, massages, and blood-pressure checks. Um…so now they are rewarding people who procrastinate? *shakes head*
Hey – why didn’t I get a massage when I spent nearly 90 excruciating minutes at my computer using Turbotax and filing before the last minute?



  1. We filled last week (I got my kids to file last month) and are getting a nice refund! The hubby & I decided to pay off a few bills & put a chunk aside for a trip to NC for Christmas. πŸ™‚

  2. I try not to be coarse or crass, but you have really left me an engraved invitation here. If you haven’t yet filed, you still have a few hours to submit a request for an extension. The IRS now automatically accepts such requests, and it will push back the date of your deadline until October 15.

    However, if you get an extension, owe 2006 taxes and do not file by today, you would have to pay interest on the amount you owe from 4/17/07 until the date you actually pay. Therefore, it is a good idea to make an estimated tax payment if you expect to owe.

    Now comes the crass, self-serving advertisement; my wife’s tax practice can be found at

    And Zen? 4:48 a.m.? That’s a little early, even for me.

  3. GeeGuy
    I would rather get money than pay. When we had an accountant figure out our taxes so that we would be close to even we ended up owing a lot.

    Aaron- I don’t sleep in much since the hubby is going to the field at these hours (I get up & make him breakfast).


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