Release The Geese – Success!

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The geese-keepers pulled a fast one on the crowd: instead of backing the truck up to the ramp near the Park-n-Ponder, they pulled up at the opposite end of Gibson Pond to release the geese! Two truckloads full — geese, some ducks, and the four beautiful swans. It was great! I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katie Knepp from KFBB, and you might even catch me being interviewed if you watch the 5:30 news on KFBB (cable 9). Also on hand were our very own Zen Panda and Jeff Van Zant from KRTV. And now – on with the Tiny Video!



  1. Great Job.
    nothing like a tiny video of geese and ducks and swans being released into the wilds of the Gibson Pond to warm the cockles of ones heart.

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