Another Restaurant Entry!

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Two things: first, I went to Rikki’s Pasta and Pizza restaurant this evening. For the first time. And now I’m mad at myself for not having gone sooner! For some reason I had thought that it was something like a Taco Treat for Italian food – sort of fast-foody…but boy was I wrong. It was very nice — clean, nice decor and atmosphere. The service – courtesy of Jamie (who bears a passing resemblance to Mary Stuart Masterson) – was outstanding, and the food – hooray! My daughter and I enjoyed some delicious parmesan breadsticks to start with, and then she had a broccoli and chicken pasta meal, while I dove into a heavenly pepperoni pizza. Overall, I was very impressed, and will surely go back for more. Their website, however, leaves a little something to be desired 🙂
Second: got an e-mail today from Walter who says, “I hear tell that the Manhattan Coffee Shop on the outside of the Times Square ‘mall; on Central Avenue at 6th Street North is no more and is being replaced with a taco restaurant.” Always a bit sad to see a coffee shop disappear, but glad to see that something else is apparently ready to start up.
Mmmmmmm…pepperoni pizza just the way I like it — plenty o’cheese!


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  1. Speaking of downtown Coffee Shops: If you have not had a chance to spend a little time at Cool Beans Coffee Pub (just down the block & across the street from Times Square on the 500 block of Central Ave) you have really missed out. It is a great place to curl up either with friends, clients or just your lap top & their wi-fi. The folks in there are great at helping you get connected if you have never done it before & are computer hampered like me!! The nice gent didn’t make me feel dumb at all…just my normally blond. Plus I love the great cushy chairs. Really enjoyable.

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