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Trib article about some changes in the local restaurant scene: as noted (and predicted) by some earlier, the Rio Ranch Grill is closed for good. A shame — yeah, the service and sometimes the food weren’t up to par, but it was a great location with unique atmostphere and decor.
Next up is the spot that used to house The Lost Woodsman, which also sported some awesome decor. Apparently Jim and Jodi, the very nice couple that owns the 5th Street Diner, are working on turning it into a Greek-themed restaurant named Dimitris. Should be interesting, and if they manage to make it as cool as their 5th Street Diner, they should have no problems at all.
And elsewhere: the pad next to the Hampton Inn hotel is currently being worked on – heard a rumor that it will be a Chili’s combined with some other nice eatery. Of course, this rumor has been floating for at least the 4+ years that I’ve been here, so who knows?
Anyone know of other restaurants that are coming, going, or changing?
UPDATE: Sarah reminded me that the location next to the Walgreen’s on 10th Avenue South is going to be a Pita Pit and Noodle Express. The Pita Pit menu looks pretty good – amazing variety, including breakfast (yay!); I suspect that the Pita Pit will do quite well! No luck gathering intel on Noodle Express, though.



  1. The spot next to the Hampton is to be a new convention center and also a Hilton.

    I interviewed at the Hampton Inn for a front desk position not too long ago and the manager informed me of the new development, since Hilton and Hampton are in the same family.

    Don’t know of any new restaurants.

  2. Actually

    I heard a rumor from a fairly unreliable source that a Macaroni Grill is coming to town. (Husband heard it from somebody at work who heard it from a businessperson downtown).

  3. AH! Sorry, one more thought

    I’m wondering what’s being build directly next to the new Walgreens. Anybody know? I’ve looked for an identifying sign to no avail.

  4. Boston Pizza is still in the works – it will be next to Gus & Jack’s/ Big O Tire. Plan is to have it open before Christmas.

  5. George The Firewall Guy on

    Also, Next to Walgreens on 10th ave south will be a Pita Pit, kind of a quick healthy lunchtime place. Other locations in Missoula and Billings.

  6. I know this is an old post, but thought I would follow up to let you know that Boston Pizza will be open Dec 20th. All I hearing from folks that have been there is that the food and especially the Pasta is GRAND!!!! I drove by there the other day & it looks like they have staff training going on now.

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