No Fooling :-)

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Walked into work this morning and got some light ribbing from a coworker: “Hey, you’re rubbing elbows with the Mayor, huh? Friends in high places?” I had no idea what she meant, until I saw the article in the Tribune in which Mayor Dona admits that she almost fell for my April Fool entry!

Many ‘gotten’ on a fools’ day for pranks
Tribune Staff Writer

When Great Falls Mayor Dona Stebbins woke up Sunday morning, turned on her computer and made her way through the Internet to David Sherman’s Greater Falls blog, she began reading his entry for the day.

To her horror or dismay, she started reading Sherman’s comments about how he had been lying all this time and actually despised Great Falls and its “goose pooping” and “drab colors.”

“Dave Sherman is the biggest Great Falls booster I know,” she said.
But then she stopped to realize the day. Oh yeah, it was April 1.

“He had me going there for a minute, I had totally forgotten it was April Fools’ Day,” Stebbins said.

As a child Stebbins said she and her siblings used to try and pull pranks on her parents, but since then her April Fools’ Days have been rather mundane.

“I guess I’m not a prankster anymore,” she said. “But I’ve had my share pulled on me.”

Also highlighted in the article was Nick Geranios, the son of the owners of Little Athens restaurant in the mall. Just so happened that I ate lunch there today, and showed the article to Andreas Geranios, his father, who hadn’t seen it yet; he got quite a chuckle when he heard of his son’s prank!



  1. I liked your prank, but I have to give prank of the day honors to those folks who dragged out the Christmas decorations and put them back up.

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