Time To Come Clean

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Bad news: sorry to have to break the news in this manner, but I just can’t continue this blog. I’ve been pretending to love Great Falls for over 4 years now, and it’s just too much of a hassle at this point. I’ve tried – really I have – to appreciate the supposed “small town” feel of this crappy community for far too long, but just can’t do it any more. No decent restaurants – too much goose pooping – insane traffic and stupid drivers on 10th Avenue – no good shopping – horrible cold weather and too much snow – rude, ugly people everywhere you look – and hideous, drab colors no matter where you go. I give up. I appreciate that some of you have followed my online attempt to try to instill some enjoyment in this horrible little burg, but it’s time to face reality and shut this blog down. Greater Falls? Bull – more like “Crappy Falls.”

Good bye.

UPDATE, late afternoon: Well, looks like I didn’t fool anyone – which is probably a good thing! I guess everyone knows that I can’t convincingly pretend to dislike Great Falls or the people in our wonderful community!

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!



  1. Thank heaven I didn’t fall for that one! Although at the beginning, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my tummy, when I got to the part about the goose poop and the snow, I knew my leg was being pulled! Happy April Fool’s Day!

  2. When the western world employed the Julian Christian calendar, years began on March 25. Festivals marking the start of the New Year were celebrated on the first day of April because March 25 fell during the then Christian Easter Holy Week.

    The adoption of Pope Gregory’s Gregorian Christian calendar during the 1500s moved the New Year to January 1 (the Feast of the Circumcision).

    According to the most widely-believed origin postulated for April Fools’ Day, those who could be tricked into believing April 1 was still the proper day to celebrate the New Year earned the sobriquet of April fools. To this end, French peasants would unexpectedly drop in on neighbors on that day in an effort to confuse them into thinking they were receiving a New Year’s call. From that supposedly grew the tradition of testing the patience of family and friends.

    Source: http://www.snopes.com/holidays/aprilfools/origins.asp

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