Moustache March

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Any of you read about “Moustache March” that is coming to a close at Malmstrom AFB? The Trib has an article about some of the guys at the base who have been growing moustaches during the month of March. It’s a show of camaraderie and a fun way to generate some friendly rivalry between different offices and units. And, according to the article, this is a tradition that dates back to the Vietnam war.
Huh? Now I certainly don’t claim to be privy to all of the traditions of the US Air Force, but I’ve been wearing the uniform for over 19 years, and this is the first time that I have ever heard of this. If this “Moustache March” has been such a long-standing tradition, shouldn’t I have known about it before now…? So tell me – have any of you folks heard of this? Does it just apply to the guys who actually fly, and is kept secret from non-fliers?



  1. Yea, it’s mainly a pilot thing. But my sources tell me that Med Group Mustache MAY will return this year. And this time you better not be a puss. Fear the ‘stache!!

  2. You know…I thought the same thing…21+ years in the Air Force and I have to learn about the “long standing” tradition in the Great Falls Tribune after I’ve retired…and I’ve worked around pilots and other operations types….

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