At The Mall

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Finally walked through the new Scheel’s store in Holiday Village Mall – very impressive! It was a bit disorienting, seeing the new interior of the mall, with the escalator and open area. And I was surprised to see the old Scheel’s torn down to make way for the new Bed, Bath, and Beyond; I had assumed that the new store would simply move into the existing space. And I’m happy to report that the gyros at Little Athens are as good as they ever have been…mmm, lunch was good today!
One other thing: I saw the Easter Bunny at the mall! He (she?) will be there until the day before Easter, posing for pix with the kidlets.




  1. Wishing all a Ziessen Pesach (a sweet Passover)

    The 8-day Jewish Biblical Festival of Pesach (PEH-sahkh, PAY-sahkh) begins on the 15th day of the month of Nissan (that’s the Babylonian ‘Nissan’, not the Japanese ‘Nissan’), which this year will be at sunset on Monday, April 2 on the civil calendar.

  2. wolfpack (re #2): Sometimes the bunnies can make it hard to tell, but I think the proper method is to turn them over and look at their paws 😉

    I was able to get into the new Scheels a few weeks ago. Good stuff. I really liked the archery range, and the kids liked the target practice diorama. I’ve been to a couple of Cabela’s stores, and I think they’re trying to do that (just like Sportsman’s Warehouse). Scheels has gotten it a little closer than Sportsman’s Warehouse has, but they still aren’t quite there yet. I’ll take it hands down over the old store though. I’m thinking it was a preemptive move, as I’d be surprised to see a Cabela’s operation around these parts now (not that they were considering it anyway). Still, it’s a fantastic addition to Great Falls, I know I’ll try to go in more often because of it.

  3. Not sure what Scheels is trying to be with this new store. The try to do it all concept makes it feel like Wal-Mart with a lot of trinkets. I’ve been there and will not go back.

    I would like to see a serious outfitter like Cabelas move to the area. In the meantime it’s back to Internet shopping for serious outdoor gear.

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