Enceladus Reunion

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One of the cooler local bands to ever grace stages in Great Falls was the legendary Enceladus; sadly, the band wasn’t able to stay together as some members are in the Air Force and got transferred.
But check it out: just got an e-mail from the original drummer, Jeff, who got transferred to Florida a few months ago: he is returning to play with his former bandmates for TWO REUNION SHOWS at the Loading Zone! Mark your calendar for April 20 and 21 – Loading Zone – Enceladus, Live In Concert! And if you know any hard music fans – or fans of live, local music – be sure to let them know, too!



  1. You the man Dave, thanks for the promo. And FYI, we don’t break out the “hard music” til the end. Most of our show consists of alternative, punk, and rock party music. Heck we’ve even do some Ramones and Bon Jovi. So we hope to see everyone there, if not for the music, for good times and cheap beer! Cheers!

  2. Ramones good. Bon Jovi not so much. You had me at Blur. 😉

    Personal preference for the “hard music” aside, I’m sure I’ll be singing along to the Bon Jovi lyrics anyway. But I will not dance! Have I mentioned my dog is named Lyric? Live music makes me happy.

  3. Well then, be sure to stick around for the whole night, that’s usually when it gets interesting. But it’s also when we break out the Korn, Drowning Pool, System of a Down, Deftones…

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