Let’s Do Lunch

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Bye-bye Big Mac…and hello Subway! It looks like the McDonald’s located inside Wal-Mart is being replaced by Subway – a good thing, IMO. I’ve been enjoying Subway quite a bit lately – roast beef and provolone, yum! And something extra, too: “The Wal-Mart location will have extended hours and offer all of Subway’s products, breakfast and some snack items, including pretzels and hot dogs.”
Subway is (I think) the largest chain restaurant in town – they’ve got locations in Fox Farm, downtown, on 10th Ave near Jaker’s, the one on Smelter, and now Wal-Mart, bringing them to FIVE locations in Great Falls. Interesting.
Also: the McDonald’s on 10th Avenue is going to be torn down and rebuilt beginning in August; the new design will be similar to the Marketplace store.
And one more thing: heard a rumor that the Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza is going to be built somewhere along 10th Avenue, instead of the already-dug-up location in the Twilite Center. Anyone confirm or deny this…?



  1. I told you McD was leaving walmart! LOL

    I did not know they were planning to rip down the 10th Ave Mcd’s…I can see changing the drive through but not rebuilding the whole thing…what a pain!

    Didn’t the trib run an article about the Boston’s thing?

  2. Yeah the Trib did, it moved from the Twiligh Center to a yet to be built spot on 10th near Prairie Mountain Bank…or something like that haha

    Also, David…did you count the Subway in the mall?

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