Shout Out to Smith’s!

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Big happy SHOUT OUT to the entire gang over at Smith’s Food and Drug in the Marketplace! Jeanne, Lindsay, Mara, Sherri Sherry (sorry!), Cliff, Tanya, April, Larry, Soni, JR, Jackie, Chris, Juliana, Beth, Jennifer, Belinda, Pat, and the rest of the crew! Believe it or not, Smith’s is one of the reasons that I fell in love with Great Falls; it was probably the first place that I stopped at when I arrived in Great Falls in 2002, and the people there were – and remain – cheerful, helpful, and fun. On the rare occasions that I have to run in to Albertson’s or another grocery store, I actually feel a bit guilty. Now on to some Smith’s facts:
Did you know that Smith’s was founded way back in 1932, by Lorenzo J. Smith, and purchased by Kroger in 1999?
Wouldja believe that not everyone likes Smith’s?
Want to know what it’s like to work at Smith’s (probably corporate HQ) as a Loyalty Marketing Database Analyst?
Did you know that Smith’s used to be a Buttrey’s?
Do you know any fun facts about Smith’s that you can share with us?




  1. I know a lot of fun facts about Smith’s…oh wait, you mean the store, don’t you!

    Do you know what was there before Smith’s???????

  2. Hey David thanks for the shout out! Even though you spelled my name wrong I still love to see you in the store. haha You always have a smile on your face and cheer everyone up. It’s awesome to have fun customers, just makes the day go by faster and we don’t dread coming to work. 🙂 As long as we don’t get any more snow this year I’ll do just fine!!!!

  3. Thanks David! Little things like this can really make a persons day. Smiths is my second job and I really enjoy working there. I’ve contemplated quitting because of how busy it keeps me but the people are really nice! I’ve never enjoyed working with a group so much and we are lucky to have regulars who are super friendly like you!

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