KTGF News – Karen Wolf

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I’ve caught a few of the news blips at the top of the hour on KTGF, our local Fox affiliate, and I like the format. The content is somewhere between “local news” and “community calendar,” and delivered in small bite-sized nuggets, which is fine. I had the good fortune to speak briefly yesterday with Karen Wolf, the one-woman news director and anchor, and let me tell you: this lady loves what she is doing. She never planned on being a newsie, or a TV personality, but it turns out that she really enjoys it; and like other local news anchors, she will be appearing at community events as the public “face” of her station. She loved her recent appearance at the Explorers game, and she sounds excited about becoming even more engaged in the community. And I’m happy that the addition of Karen to the KTGF team finally motivated the station to update their (still-needs-work) website by adding a bio page (even though they added an “E” to her last name). Welcome to Great Falls, Karen!

UPDATE, September 2007: KTGF finally updated her bio page to reflect the correct spelling of her name.

karenktgf.jpg || Karen Wolf on KTGF



  1. Are you doing the new show Montana people? I am a MT native from Scobey. After 30 some years, I have moved back here as Store Director of the Malmstrom Commissary. Past assignments include Okinawa, Belgium, Germany and the Azores. I am a single parent of a 11th grader at GF High. Maybe I can offer your show something.
    Best Regards,

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