Tracy’s and Candy

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And speaking of downtown, I ventured forth on Saturday with my daughter for lunch at Tracy’s, one of the coolest places ever. I noticed, for the first time, the picture on the wall from the 1993 movie “Holy Matrimony,” which filmed around Great Falls and shot a few scenes inside Tracy’s. The mini-tacos are great appetizers, and I topped it off with a double-cheeseburger. The waitress, Aleyce (sp?), was wonderful, too. And then, instead of opting for some incredible pie for dessert, we trotted across the street to Candy Masterpiece, where we gazed in wonder at the incredible variety of candy – chocolate, gummi, fudge, taffy, you name it, they’ve got it. The owner, Angie, and her assistant Emily were delightful, and we sampled some peanut-butter fudge and huckleberry taffy before settling on some chocolate-covered coffee beans and gummi-colas to snack on. Yummy! A very pleasant afternoon.

Tracy’s Family Restaurant: 127 Central Avenue; phone 453-6108
Candy Masterpiece: 120 Central Avenue; phone 727-5955



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