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Just a roundup of some links that you may enjoy: first up – did you know that the Twilite Business Park has a website? Some of the businesses located at Twilite have sites linked from the main page. Most are simple one-page deals providing contact information and list of services, but at least there’s something there.
Next: heard a commercial for Thill Insurance Agency on the radio yesterday, and it referred listeners to the website: Pretty good site, and the domain name is great.
Next up we have a fan site for Sandy’s Hamburgers, which doesn’t really exist here in Great Falls; the Sandy’s location on Central Avenue is now (and has been) known as Zandy’s. Interesting history: “When 90% of all Sandy’s sold out to Hardees in 1973, Great Falls Sandy’s became a legend in and of itself. It bucked the trend and remained Sandy’s. By 1979 it had changed to another name and today it remains a classic drive-in now known as Zandy’s!”
Next is the site for the Neighborhood Housing Services agency here in Great Falls. NHS is dedicated to “…twin missions of rebuilding historic Great Falls neighborhoods and creating homeownership opportunities for hard-working families” Some unique programs detailed on the site.
More links next week!


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