Stamp Act

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Postal Service to raise rates. Um…OK. Do any of you still use stamps? I don’t recall the last time I purchased stamps – with the exception of Energy West, I pay all of my bills online – mortgage, credit card, NW Energy, Bresnan, Qwest, even City utilities. For Energy West – I just drive by their downtown location and drop off the payment. So what do you think? Do you buy lots of stamps – will this hit you hard? Or are you strictly an online person, and don’t worry about postage?



  1. As a matter of fact, I do have to buy “one” stamp….
    I have to mail in my 8453-ol form to the IRS cause I did my taxes online.

    Everthing else??… Well, lets just say that a handy dandy credit card usually does all of my transacting for me automaticly each month…. from mortgage, to insurance.

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