Snow Snow Snow!

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Let’s recap: two weeks ago, it snowed for about three days non-stop; not a whole lot of accumulation (about 10 or 12 inches?), and the Chinook got rid of it pretty quick. And then on Friday morning, we had that snowy/rainy/slushy stuff that wreaked havoc on the roads (and caused my first-ever collision with another object). That wasn’t “fun” snow. And now today, we’re up to about, what, two inches so far? Not as powdery as two snowfalls ago, but not nearly as wet as Friday’s. I suspect that most of you know how I feel about the snow, but I’m curious – have you had enough, or would you love to see even more of the fluffy white stuff?



  1. I really don’t mind snow. I mind the ice under it! If it needs to melt please melt all the way & not leave that layer of slick and bumpy ice underneath. (I don’t ask much of nature really)


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