Taking The Pulse

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Received an email from Amy, the new leader of the organization formerly known as “YES! Great Falls.” The new name for the group is Pulse-Great Falls, and it sounds like the group is off to a successful re-launch. here’s a condensed version of her message:

Hello YES members! We felt that a re-branding could help take the group in a new direction and so we are now Pulse – Great Falls. The new name implies more action and excitement and we are looking forward to getting that out into the community.
As we are taking the group in a new direction, we wanted to hold a kick-off event for our members as well as those in the community who are unfamiliar with our organization. On Friday, March 9, we will be having a business after-hours type event at the Top O’ The Falls room at the airport at 5:30 pm. We will do a short presentation on the role of young people in our community, followed by a presentation on how our group is filling that niche. The business portion will be followed by heavy hors d’ouvres and a cash bar with entertainment by the Thrillbillies. It should be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to introduce new people to who we are and what we do. So, if you know people who would be interested in joining Pulse, please forward this information along to them as well! One more thing! Pulse VP, Andrew Youderian, has created an *awesome* new website for Pulse. It is www.pulsegf.org. Please check it out as it has an events calendar and contact information for all of the board members (and some great pictures!)

I appreciate that the group took the word “Young” out of the name; I suspect that is may have put off some people who felt that they might be too old to participate in YES! activities (like me, for instance). I also like that the new site has a section titled “Blog,” even though it doesn’t have a Comments feature (yet?).



  1. I received this message at work last week and I’m planning to attend the kick-off event with some coworkers. I, too, appreciate the elimination of “Young.” Being new to town, I think it might be a good way to meet people and hopefully give me reasons to get out of the house! I need a social life. ; )

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