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If you’ve ever considered starting your own blog…there’s no time like the present. Why would you want to create a blog? Well, maybe you just want a forum to express your opinions, whether personal or political. Many people blog in order to share their creativity, including literary, foody, and visual.

Blogging is also a nifty way to connect with others in your area (state, town, whatever). You can even start a blog for your business. Whatever the reason, now is a good time, because it’s very easy and takes almost no time to get started.
If you want to set one up using your own domain name, such as something like “www.MyVeryOwnBlog.com,” but aren’t sure how to do it, let me know (either in the comments or at david @ greaterfalls.com); I can help you get started. On the other hand, if you want to use a hosted service, you can’t go wrong with Vox.com, WordPress.com, or even Blogger.com. I’m partial to WordPress.com, because the software that powers that service is nearly identical to the one that runs GreaterFalls.com. Vox.com is a good choice, too, and probably a bit easier to figure out for a beginner. Blogger is simple, too, but not as smooth or “fun” as the other two. If you want some assistance with any of those options, just let me know!


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