Lunch – Stat!

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Noticed that KFBB did a feature on where to get a fast lunch in Great Falls yesterday, with parts 2 and 3 to air tonight and tomorrow. The Mongolian BBQ joint in the Target center got high marks from Matt, Alex, and Julie, and they also mentioned Wendy’s, which I avoid like the proverbial plague during busy traffic hours because it’s so dang hard to get out of the parking lot onto 10th Avenue South during lunch or dinner time. What about you – you guys have already shown that you have a passion for restaurants, but when the clock is ticking, where do you go for lunch? Somewhere along 10th? Or Smelter? Or downtown?



  1. I usually go home for lunch when the clock is ticking with no room for slack…. As for as lunches…DQ’s pretty quick. I remember recently seeing an ad for one of the restaurants in town advertising a quick turn around at lunch, but I can’t remember which one it was……..

  2. During lunch hour the best place to go during the rush is Quiznos! either one, 10th or Marketplace, they are usually quick and easy…I love that place…they definarlt blow Subway out of the water, just a half a sandwich fills you up all day! Other places to go is the Daily Grind dowtown, or the Halftime if you are on Smelter side!….

  3. I love eating lunch at the Halftime – best French Dip sandwich in town! I don’t like hurrying, though – at the Halftime, it’s best to relax and enjoy.

  4. Montana Sub Shop, best hoagie place in town! Call ahead and by the time you get there, it’s grab and go. Not to mention, half a sub fills ya up until quitting time. The staff’s usually friendly too, nothing better than leaving with a sub and smile, ya know?

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