Spray of The Falls

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Rich Ecke (yay!) is back with another “Spray of The Falls” column in the Trib. Usually entertaining column, such as this one’s focus on brushes with Oscar greatness (such as), although some slightly more serious stuff this time around: the return of both himself and KRTV weatherman Fred Pfeiffer following surgery (one for an appendix, one for prostate cx); both recovering nicely, thankfully. There’s also a mini-tribute to Robert Speck, who was a key figure in our community’s parks and recreation development and management. And then Rich veers into (arguably) partisan politics with this bit, sparked by a letter from a nurse practitioner in Sand Coulee:

Lack of health coverage is a gaping hole for millions of Americans. Maybe someone can figure out how to insure all of us, as virtually all other developed countries do.

Surprisingly, I have not seen any Forum comments on his piece yet.


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