Chillin’ With Dona

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Had an enjoyable lunch yesterday with Mayor Dona and the First Dude; as always, the folks at Bert and Ernie’s took great care of us. We talked just a little bit about local politics, city commission meetings, and other issues, but mostly we just chatted about local events and businesses and had fun. The First Dude gave me a brief history lesson about blues and bluegrass music (think “O Brother“). We also talked about the local media – television, newspaper, and radio – and how challenging the local market can be. And, of course, we talked about blogging and bloggers, and we lamented the fact that Aaron hasn’t updated his site in a while.
And wouldja believe – as I was driving around downtown during lunch today, I spotted a fellow in a spiffy coat on a bike at Central and 9th Street, and he looked awfully familiar…so I rolled down the window and called out, “Aaron?” He looked a bit puzzled, came over to me, and when I told him that I was Dave, we had a brief chuckle. After all, we’ve “known” each other via our blogs for several years, but never met IRL (in real life) until today. Aaron, good to meet you finally! And Dona and Grant, thank you for a delightful lunch date!



  1. It was very much our pleasure! I always enjoy a visit with you, because you are Great Falls’ GREATEST cheerleader. Upbeat, positive, with wonderful, creative ideas that we can implement to make this wonderful city even more vibrant and livable.

    Now, if we could just do something about those geese…

  2. Scott, I think we have the best radio stations in the state, with the most interesting on-air personalities. I don’t listen to just one station, but I skip around a lot, depending on my mood. I enjoy them all, including our public radio station.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Sure miss that Jared Walker guy & “The X”!!! Hi Mayor Dona, remember me? That guy who you used to hear singing out loud upstairs a few years ago?

  4. Hey MD, I’m working in Sales now & raising our littles ones, (6 & 4 already). Couldn’t be happier. Yes, indeed things definately change, but not regrets at all. Some of the best times were “over there”…Take care & maybe You can buy me lunch sometime!!

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