Crossing The Line?

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Once in a while I check out the Forums over at the Trib site; not nearly as engaging as blogs, but still occasionally entertaining at least. One of the most prolific posters over there is “Captblackeagle” with over 390 posts to the Forums, which is about 12% of all posts. Like most bloggers, he has strong opinions about lots of things, but one of his comments jumped out at me today. The topic is the story with this headline: “GOP kills governor’s budget, promises alternative”

Captblackeagle posted the following: “rats…at first I thought it said the GOP had killed the Govenor (sic)” Another member, robingay, chastised him for his attitude, and he responded, in part: “Im still upset at the headline….I like it better my way

Sometimes there’s a fine line between aiming for a laugh and crossing a certain line of civility. What do you think – did Captblackeagle go too far with his comments?



  1. Crossing the line? Has anyone taken a peek at the Tribune, and caught a couple of dubious headlines, like the one above the fold on the front page?

    “City’s Crime Rate Improves”???

    “Great Falls Women’s Research Offers Up A Tail”???

    No wonder Captblackeagle waxes rhapsodic on wishful headlines, with real ones like that…

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