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For anyone who might be moving to Great Falls, one way to gauge the size and “type” of the community is to compare it to your own. So here’s a tally of some of our “chain” restaurants to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting into. Bear in mind that this is only the chain-style places; we have plenty of local and regional (McKenzie River, anyone?) restaurants that – believe me – are as good or better than anything else out there. But you’d be amazed at how many people that are new to Great Falls complain that there isn’t an Olive Garden or IHOP or such. Sure, it might be nice to have some more of the chains here (Chili’s for me!), but we do just fine with what we’ve got.

We have:
5 Subways (yes, 5); 4 McDonald’s; 3 Burger Kings; 2 Pizza Huts; 2 Hardee’s; 2 Taco Bells; 2 Quizno’s; 1 Tony Roma’s; 1 Applebee’s; 1 Wendy’s

We do NOT have:
Chili’s; Macaroni Grill; TGI Friday’s; Jack In The Box; Olive Garden; Outback

If I missed any, let me know.

There are usually some rumors floating around that Hooter’s is coming, or the Cheesecake Factory, or Denny’s, but such talk usually is just that. Which reminds me: does anyone know the status of the Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza that was in the news months ago?

UPDATE, May 2008: Great Falls now has Chili’s and Macaroni Grill!



  1. Another vote for sonic….on the non-chain side though, I’d like to see a good German restaurant. Is there one in Montana anywhere?

  2. Ray- the only good german restraunt I knew was in Dillon & I believe it has closed.

    DoubleJPK- there used to be a couple places for kids- Hauer’s Family fun center, is about all I can think of right now.

  3. Well, to update, you can cross Chili’s, Macaroni’s and TGI Friday’s off the not-here-yet list. Chili’s and Macaroni’s are in the process of being built (as is Boston’s just off 10th Ave South). Friday’s is also coming (no known location yet).

  4. Teriyaki Kitchen – A real dissapointment to the ONLY japanese restaurant in great falls. The teriyaki bowl had chewy beef and the only vegetables were undercooked carrots and 3 tiny brocolli flowers. Very few selections on the menu, only three or four. The meat was not made fresh and looked like it had been sitting for a while. After eating it my boyfriend and I both felt sick, couldnt even finish half of the meal. Real waste of 11 dollars. If you want a good japanese restaurant look in another city!

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