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Pretty cool to see the Great Falls Police Department reaching out to the community by initiating weekly “Q and A” and “Trooper Tips” columns in the Tribune. From the introductory article:

I am Officer Noah Scott with the Great Falls Police Department and I am here to answer these and any other questions you may have. In my new column, “Cops Corner,” which will appear every other Monday, the Great Falls Tribune will be selecting questions and posting my answers to them. There are some ground rules, I will not be responding to complaints about the police department and I cannot comment on ongoing investigations.

First, thanks to Officer Scott for doing this – good idea. Second, it seems quite reasonable to put limits on topics, although I suspect that it might be good to discuss certain complaints about the police department in a public forum.
The only negative thing that stuck out is the line about “…the GF Tribune will be selecting questions…” Um, why? No offense to the Trib folks who receive the mail, but why can’t the PD select which questions to respond to?
But back to the PD itself: it’s good to see the GFPD website chock-full of handy information, including an organization chart, a pretty good FAQ page, and unique roles in the department. Of course, from my biased perspective, a Police Blog would be even better than a weekly newspaper column. Some other cities have Police Blogs; might be interesting for our Thin Blue Line to give it a shot.

got an e-mail from a reliable source who informed me that the Trib staff would NOT actually be selecting which letters to forward to the Great Falls PD; the Trib will forward all letters, and then the PD will choose appropriate letters to respond to in the column.


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