Snow Snow Snow!

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Forgot to mention how great it is that we got more snow on Thursday and Friday! All told, I think we got about six or seven inches this week…beautiful. And to the snow-haters out there: hey, at least we’re measuring our snowfall in inches instead of feet, unlike the folks in New York! And to the cold-haters – at least we’re above zero degrees, and it hasn’t been windy, right? Look on the bright side! Here’s a couple of pictures I took yesterday along the Missouri River in between Giant Springs and Malmstrom.




  1. Hard to believe I endured such cold weather years ago. After living in Florida for 18 years, I shiver when it is 65 degrees outside.

    Nice pics all around. Brings back loads of memories when I lived in Great Falls. Thanks

  2. Loving every minute of it! I have the Quadrafire woodstove running 24-7, and cooking lots of SOUP! This is what Montana winters are all about… Stay warm:)

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